4 Things to do Before Bed for an Easier Morning

Updated: Apr 15

We all know how the morning can go. You think you’ll have enough time to get everything ready, but inevitably you run out of time and the last 30 minutes turn you into Sargent Mom trying to get the kids out the door. In an effort to stop yelling at my kids so much, I went on a journey to find out a better way to manage my household. Daily habits, that make my everyday life easier. Here are 4 things that I do every night to make my morning go easier.

1. Prep lunches for tomorrow (kids and adults!) – I normally do this after the kids go to bed….wine helps

2. Clean the kitchen-ugh, I know this is sometimes a pain, but there is nothing worse than waking up to a dirty kitchen.

3. Set out clothes and shoes for everyone. This one less thing to have to do in the morning rush! This is not something I necessarily do every night, but I definitely do this if we have a super early morning, or a big day.

4. Put toys away- clutter is the enemy of a free and clear mind. Bins are my favorite because you can just throw in the toys and close the top!

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