Free Organizing Tools During COVID19

COVID 19 has suddenly changed our daily functioning. Most of us are under mandatory stay at home orders, forcing us to stay inside. While social distancing has it's challenges, now is the perfect time to get control of your home. I understand it can be hard to get started. Sometimes it’s downright overwhelming. Don’t let those feelings paralyze you. You CAN do this. Here are some tools for getting started.

1. The first is a daily to do list. This is great if you are not looking for a rigid daily schedule, but want to track the things you need to accomplish throughout the day. 

2.The second is a daily schedule. This is helpful if you want to plan out each hour of your day to make sure you stay on track.

3. Lastly, I put together an organizing bingo. This printable gives you specific tasks to do throughout your home to help get you organized.  Each of these are smaller projects that will not take up a tremendous amount of time. 

I hope these tools serve you well, please feel free to share the organizing love with your friends and family!

Kait Hilton is a Home and Business Organizer located in the Washington, DC Area. HARMONie Professional Organizing helps takes the stress out of life through organization.

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