Tips to Having a Clean House with Kids

Updated: Apr 15

Lets face it, life with kids is exhausting. Here are some tips on how to reclaim your home space and make cleaning up a breeze.

1.Give Everything a Place.

-Coat Hooks... because hangers are hard. Its much easier to just plop your coats on a hook and move on.

-Create space in your entryway for sunglasses, hats, gloves, etc. so you always know where everything is.

-Cubbies and bins are great for housing shoes and preventing them from wandering.

-Create a space for a calendar, mail and other to do items to ensure things aren't forgotten.

2. Put toys in bins and drawers, this way when they are away where you can’t see them! I know I have kids, but when they go to bed I like my house to turn back into an adult space where I can unwind from my day. We have a routine of cleaning up all the toys as a family before bed so that mama can have her house back!

3. Rotate toys and donate. I try to swap out toys every couple of weeks. Rotating toys helps keep my kids interested in the available toys and minimizes the amount that needs cleaning up. Once they have outgrown toys or clothes I normally hand them down to family or friends, or donate them to limit the amount I have in storage. If you know you may have more children, create plastic bins that are labeled to put everything into while they are in storage.

4.Minimize your things. Near impossible with kids, I know. However I try to be very mindful of the things that come into our house. Is this something that will get used regularly and bring value to my family? How long will this item last? Can I use something I already have to fulfill this need?

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