Organizing Routines for Kids

Updated: Apr 15

Starting routines with your kids is so important from a young age. It helps them have habits that will make them cleaner humans in your home/the world, but it also makes them accountable for maintaining the family space. Here are the big four routines we have in our house:

1. Put your shoes away when you come in the house. This is our biggest routine! It makes sure that their shoes come off when they come inside, and they don’t track in dirt. If one of them is having trouble getting their shoes into their bin, then we use it as a way for their sibling to help them! (sometimes everyone needs a little help from family right?!)

2. Coats, bags, hats and gloves all go away. In our house we have set up our entryway to include homes for a of these things. Coats and bags get hung up on the hooks and hats and gloves go in their specific bin. Reference below:

3. Toys get put away. Not always right away, but certainly before bed everything gets put away. For me this is a clutter issue, but more importantly it is a safety issue. If there are things on the floor at night someone (meaning me) could accidentally step on something and hurt themselves in the dark.

4. Dishes to the sink! After a meal it is their responsibility to take their dish to the kitchen. Once they are older they will be responsible for cleaning said dishes, but until then dishes just need to make it to the sink!

Implementing routines will not happen right away and will take a lot of repetition (so don’t get discouraged, just stay consistent!). Now that we have been doing them for a few years, they are second nature and most times I don’t even have to remind them!

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