Our Top 5 Favorite Organizing Products

Updated: Apr 15

We have so many products that we love using with our clients. Here are out top 5 favs! Check out our shop pages to purchase the items we use on our projects.

1. Velvet Hangers- These are just a must. They save a remarkable amount of space and they are

non slip so your clothes stay on.

2. Bins, Bins, Bins - These come in an endless variety of styles and sizes. We like to mix bins

which gives some character and adds depth to a project. Pro Tip : If you are organizing a smaller area, use lighter bins to give the illusion of space.

3. Drawer Inserts- These little babies pack a punch in your dresser drawers. These allow you to maximize your drawer space while also keeping things tidy.

4. Playroom Furniture- Ikea has a great line of furniture specifically designed for your kiddos. You can curate an organized space just for your kids with their great and inexpensive products.

5. Clear Pantry Containers- One of the best benefits of being organized is maximizing your efficiency. These containers allow you to quickly see what you have and when it is time to replenish!

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